Sunday, 7 October 2012

Brighter Than Sunshine - Ulta3 Citris Swatch and Review

I've seen lots of neon in the shops for Spring/Summer 2012-13 so I think I will break out this polish again in the coming months!

Ulta3 is a great Australian brand and their polishes are only around $2-$2.50 depending on where you get it from. Woolies was having a sale where Ulta3s were only $1!! The quality is really good, and I think it rivals the likes of OPI and China Glaze.

Ulta3 Citris is the brightest, most neon yellow you can imagine! It dries matte, like all neons, so a top coat is required. Also, the downside is that it is quite sheer so layering 1-2 coats over a white creme is essential, unless you want dead-looking yellowy nails! Here I have it layered over Revlon White on White.

Sorry that you can see the white polish near my cuticles - it's not noticeable in real life!

Bright than sunshine a highlighter ;P

Ulta3 Citris and Revlon White on White

- Cheap cheap cheap! :D
- Available at many chemists, as well as in Target and some Woolworths stores.
- Really outrageously bright fluoro yellow.

- Needs to be layered over a white creme.

7.5/10 - I love bright colours that stand out and this one is a must have for neon lovers and those who want to make a statement with their nails!

Thanks for reading!

- J

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