Saturday, 22 September 2012

My first jelly sandwich

What is this?? Two posts in one day? Making up for the drought of posts in the past month :P This is just a quick one though!

I don't own many jellies so I've only ever done one jelly sandwich, which I'm going to show you today. It is an accent nail with Essie Sugar Daddy as the pink jelly and Nail Creations #62, which has small fuchsia glitter and larger hex holo glitter in a clear base. Essie Sugar Daddy is the sheerest polish ever... I did seven or eight coats or something ridiculous like that to reach full opacity - in the photos below you can see how thick the polish is on the nails. I'm only going to use it for French manicures and jelly sandwiches in the future! With that said, it is a really lovely baby pink.

A macro of the accent nail. Look at that lovely depth!

Left: Essie Sugar Daddy, Right: Nail Creations #62
I love glitters and I love the depth they have in jelly sandwiches. I really need to buy more jellies so I can do more of these!

Thanks for reading!

- J


  1. super pretty!!! great choice of colours as well)

  2. Love! I'm a sucker for baby pink sparkles! Pity it takes so many coats to build it up coz it's such a pretty colour on it's own as well as with the glitter.

    1. Yeah there's just something so pretty and feminine about it :) Thanks for the comment!