Saturday, 22 September 2012

Recent shoe purchases Part II (Reds): Wittner Didi and Glamour Gabi

I haven't posted for almost a month... Midsem exams and stuff have taken up all of my time :( Hopefully I'll do a few posts during this one week break.

Here is part 2 of my recent shoe purchases! See Part 1 HERE, in which I reviewed two pairs of black shoes. In this part, both pairs are red - I have an obsession with red shoes. I just think they lift an outfit so much and brighten it up.

Random fact: according to some researchers, you can judge 90% of a stranger's personality by the shoes they wear. Interesting.

On an unrelated note, Birkenstocks and Crocs should be banned... Looking at Birkenstocks makes me feel ill. Sorry if some of you like to wear them but I personally want to burn them. Some of them look okay, like the feminine pink ones. But the grey-brown double strap ones. OMG. Cry. 

ANYWAY. Onto the pretty shoes.

1. Wittner Didi (Size 36) Price: $189.95, I got them for $99.95.

I love boots. I would prefer stiletto boots but they're not practical for everyday wear, so I wear wedge booties instead! These are really really soft real suede.

Sizing: the 36 felt good in the shop but now they feel a little big :( Not too bad though. Probably should have gotten a 35 but they didn't have it in the Wittner that I bought them from. I have to wear them with two pairs of socks LOL.

Review: these are really comfy and I can wear them all day without discomfort. Obviously they're not as comfy as flats but they're still very good. They come with two pairs of laces: red and white.

2. Glamour Gabi (Size 36) Price: $99.95, I got them for $44.98 from Direct Shoe Warehouse.

I am absolutely in love with these shoes. I think they're my favourite shoes ever! They're red, they're hiiiiigh,  they're stiletto heeled, they're pretty comfortable. Sometimes I just randomly pick them up and stare at them. Hmm.

Sizing: these run a little small as I am normally a 35 but the 35 felt really tight and I would not have been able to wear socks with those. As I said in my previous post, I feel that high heel boots are more comfortable if they're a size bigger than usual since there is more room to move and it is less cramped.

Review: they are amazing. The platform at the front means they're not as hard to walk in and not as uncomfortable as they look. The only problem is that I have skinny ankles so the top part of the shoe is loose and chafe when I walk. I have to wear stockings or jeans, otherwise it will start hurting quite badly :( Edit: since writing the draft of this post I've worn them once more and they felt absolutely fine, no chafing at all. I think I just needed to break them in.

Availability: on a few websites, cheapest is probably DSW. I have my eye on the leopard ones... Edit: I've bought those leopard print ones since drafting this post... They are incredible! I have to break them in though! I've also bought two more pairs of stiletto pumps which I may do a post on soon :)


Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo Red Patent

OMG just look at these... Ultimate sexy siren shoe. Sigh... I will have you one day!

- J


  1. Love love love these! I need more red shoes and YAY for shoe posts!!