Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Sportsgirl Nail It! in Emerald City - Swatch and Review

I recently showed two out of three Sportsgirl Nail It! nail polishes that I bought. Check out my swatches and reviews of Cobalt and Phoenix. Today I've got the last of the three, which is the green one called Emerald City.

It is a beautiful shimmery jewel-toned emerald with a slight blue tinge. It is a one-coater but I did two out of habit and to achieve a smoother finish. I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite.

None of the photos are really colour-accurate, unfortunately. It leans much more green than the photos show. Definitely not a teal but a green, albeit slightly blue-leaning.

You can see a bit of the blue tinge here.

Probably the most colour accurate picture.

This is what my right hand looked like after two days - massive chip!
- Nice colour, would be good for Christmas! (It is a medium Christmassy green in real life, not the aqua/teal that my photos show.
- One coater, but I did two out of habit and to smooth it out.
- It is flattering with my skin tone.

- Wear time is bad - it chipped after two days. I usually don't mind chipping much since I change manicures around twice a week, but big (and irreparable) chips after only two days is pretty annoying!
- Formula is quite thick, but not terribly hard to work with.
- Slightly brushstrokey.
- It stains badly during removal. I don't like having green fingers and cuticles :(

4/10. This is the first polish I've blogged about that I'm not happy with! It is a nice colour but not unique. The formula and wear time were disappointing! I also hate polishes that stain. The colour is nice enough but if I could go back in time I wouldn't buy this.

I know that Cobalt is still sold in Sportsgirl stores, and I'm pretty sure Emerald City is too. I think Phoenix has been discontinued but I saw a few bottles of it for $2.95 in the sales area of the Sydney Pitt Street Sportsgirl! 

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- J

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