Thursday, 23 August 2012

Recent Shoe Purchases Part I (Blacks): Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Black Black Suede and ASOS Black Sparkle Peep Toe Heels

I love shoes. I don't buy that many though mainly coz I can't afford to. I am inherently drawn to sky high stilettos that I would only wear a few times - the sensible voice in me says not to waste my money on shoes that I don't wear! I have three pairs in my wardrobe that I have never actually worn out. It's a waste if I buy shoes then never wear them, regardless of how pretty they may be! 

I wanted to show you four pairs of shoes that I bought recently (recently being in the last few months). I originally wanted to put them all in one post but I started to write/rave heaps about the JC Litas and I don't want a super long post so I'll break it up into 2 parts - Black and Red! Part I is black.

1. Jeffrey Campbell Lita in Black Black Suede (Size 6) Price: $159.95

I actually didn't discover these shoes until very recently. I had been looking for this style for ages but I didn't know they were famous. I also didn't know that they have been talked about and featured on the blogosphere sooo much. Apparently almost every fashion blogger owns a pair! The day that I finally found out that they are JC Litas I bought them straight away. Actually they're a gift from my boyfriend but I paid for them initially :P

I got these off, which has a ridiculously awesome range of colours and patterns and fabrics for the Litas. I was tossing up between the Black Calf Leather and these suede ones and decided the suede ones could be more easily dressed up since they look more elegant and less casual. These are Black Black Suede since the heel is black, instead of wooden coloured, like the classic black Lita. I personally like the matching black heel.

The heel is a thick 5 inch heel with a 2 inch platform.

A small selection of the many many colours and styles that the Litas come in! The studded ones are so super awesome.


I normally wear an Australian 5 which corresponds to a US 5 but I wanted to be on the safe side and ordered a size larger. I think high heel boots hurt less if they're a little loose - can't do the same for pumps and peep toe shoes though. So the size 6 is a little big and I need to wear socks with these but they feel great! If I decide to buy another pair (hmm which colour!!) I would go down half a size.

These are my babies! :D

How pretty is the shoebox!?


I've worn these out twice and they are really really comfortable! I was a bit sceptical when I was researching and saw that everyone said they are so comfy - come on, they're 5 inch heels! I was so surprised to find that they were indeed very comfy. I don't wear heels often at all but I feel like I could run for miles in these! :D

My experience with Solestruck was excellent. They shipped the shoes 6 hours after I placed the order!! Shipping was free as my purchase was over $150; it was with FedEx with delivery scheduled in 3-5 business days. The tracking was also fantastic. I tracked it from Oregon to California to Hawaii and finally to Sydney. The shoebox is really nice!

The only bad thing I could think of about these shoes is that when dust gets on them it shows up, but this happens to all black suede shoes. I bought a leather and suede spray protector for them because these are the most expensive shoes I own so I want to take good care of them!

I absolutely love these and I've got nothing but good things to say!


These are sold on many websites. Solestruck has the widest range by far. You can also get them from Revolve Clothing. Be careful if buying over eBay coz there are many dupes/fakes out there! The dupes are much cheaper but I don't know if they would be as comfortable or durable since I doubt they would be real leather.

2. ASOS Pink Lady Platform Peep Toe Court Shoes - Black Sparkle (Size 5) Price: $65.06, I got them for $32.44.

When I saw these I knew I had to have them :D Glittery shoes! YAY! I love heels with sparkly rhinestones but they're more expensive so these will have to do! They look like rhinestones from a normal viewing distance anyway and are less likely to fall off hehe. The heel is 13cm with a 2.5cm platform.

I love the way stilettos look from the back.

I got a size 5 but these are actually too big for me and I have to put in a few gel pads in order for them not to fall off when I'm walking!

These are mine :) I think heels look better in a small size hehe - the heel also looks higher than it does in a bigger size (like with the ASOS stock image).


I haven't worn these out yet - haven't had the occasion to and also they're not comfortable and are too big. These may have to be one of those shoes that I'm happy just to own and to have them there to look at :P They're just so prettyyyyyyy.

The transaction with ASOS was a breeze as always and delivery was fast.


As far as I know these are sold out. It still has its page on ASOS, where you can see photos and a 360 degree view.

That was fun to write! It has been a nice diversion from all the nail posts. Keep a look out for my shoe purchases Part II. :)

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- J


  1. I think its cheaper if you buy from nastygal :)))


    1. Thanks for the heads up! I will buy from there next time, when I have enough money :D