Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Amazing Spiderman!

I went to watch The Amazing Spiderman with my boyfriend and of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to do an awesome Spidey-Man(i) (haha see what I did there). Spiderman is one of my absolute favourite superheroes so I was really excited to do this nail art. It took me ages though coz it kept turning out badly. I actually did this on the 4th of July so it could have been an Independence Day mani if it wasn't for the accent nail, though we don't celebrate 4th of July here in Australia. :P

I did a base of three coats of the beautiful blue glitter China Glaze Dorothy Who? (one of my fave polishes of all time), waited for it to dry completely, then used sticky tape to diagonally tape off half the nail. I painted a thick coat of shimmery red Zoya Lisa over the nail and peeled off the tape before it dried. See Nailside (the queen of tape manicures) for fantastic tutorials including how to do tape manis. The silver foil stripe was Color Club What a Drag and I actually used a small lip brush to do it coz I don't have any nail art brushes (how sad). The lines weren't too straight so I went over a bit of it using the red or the blue on either side to straighten the lines out.

Accent nail: I got inspiration (slash basically copied lol, so all credit goes to Nailasaurus) from this lovely mani by Nailasaurus. The base was Zoya Lisa, I drew on the eyes and web using a toothpick (due to aforementioned lack of nail art brushes :( haha) dipped in Color Club What a Drag and outlined the eyes using a black creme Asian polish - Go Go #88.

Lastly, I used two coats of Seche Vite on all my nails for a glossy finish.

I'm a nail art noob so I was pretty proud of this! :D

- J

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