Friday, 13 July 2012

Sportsgirl Nail It! in Phoenix - Swatch and Review

I've already shown you one of the three Sportsgirl polishes I recently bought. Nail It! in Cobalt was reviewed here.

Today I have Phoenix to show you and I think it is just the most perfect name for it! It is a stunning orange with prominent gold shimmer/foil particles. I don't really care for gold polishes but I'm a sucker for anything with gold shimmer. Weird huh :P As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it. It is such a fiery and phoenix-y polish. I did 4 thin coats plus Seche Vite, but 2 or 3 thicker coats should do - it depends on how orange you want it. Less coats means it looks more pink.

I actually think it is a pink/coraly polish, but due to the immense amount of gold shimmer/microglitter it turned the polish orange! Here you can see the base colour.

- Absolutely stunning colour. I don't own anything even close to it nor have I seen something similar.
- Relatively affordable at $7.95 for 11mL.
- Easily to find - you can even test it at the store.

- Chipped pretty quickly and only lasted about 4 days. It seemed to be prone to chips because it has so much microglitter/foil particles in it - it's hard to explain but it's kind of like there isn't enough base to hold the shimmer so it just flakes off.
- Drying time was quite long.

- None in my collection and none that I have come across.


The last of the three polishes that I want to show you, Emerald City, is coming soon!

- J


  1. I love Phoenix! Looks like you picked out the exact same three that I did last time I went to Sportsgirl. It's a lot more peachy on the nail than I expected, but I like it!

    1. Good taste ;) hehe. Yeah I thought it would be more orange but it turned out to be a lovely shade of peach.