Saturday, 28 July 2012

Festive manicure

I wore this to one of my best friend's 21st party about two weeks ago. The day before I was at work and one of the students that I tutor said that my nails looked "festive". I think that's a pretty good description! So I'm calling this manicure a festive mani :P

This was a base of Milani Gold Glitz from the One Coat Glitter collection, which I absolutely adoreeee. I have all of the original ones from the collection, and the new ones look awesome! I waited for the glitter to completely dry. Then I used normal sticky tape and cut out thin long triangles, which I put over the areas that I want to keep gold. I painted Zoya Lisa over the top and removed the tape while the polish was still wet. I topped it off with Seche Vite for a completely smooth and glossy finish. Sorry the mani doesn't look very glossy, I probably should've done another coat before taking the photos since we all know top coat is glitter's favourite food!

Blurry photo to show how glittery it is in real life.

Polishes used: Zoya Lisa and Milani Gold Glitz.
I think this look would be great for something like a Christmas or a NYE party! I loved this mani and I'm looking forward to trying different colour combinations! Which colours do you guys think would look good together? I think a basic black and white would look cool.

Thanks for stopping by!

- J


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  2. Thanks very much! :) I'm now following your blog, I've enjoyed looking at what you've got so far! :D