Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bargain Alert! Essie 2011 Summer Collection Minis Cube

Just a quick post to tell you guys about a great bargain that I picked up! :D

I got this Essie Summer Collection Cube from Cosmetics Fragrance Direct in DFO (Sydney) for $5, discounted from RRP $25!!! I love shopping at this store, I also got a $2 green flakie polish (um yes please! I will post swatches and a review soon) and the limited edition Maybelline Be Scene In Green for $4. They also sell quite a few Revlon polishes for $5. I never pay full retail for Revlon polishes - they are so overpriced here! I can get them for around $3 AUD in Hong Kong. There's no way I'm paying RRP, which is around $14 or $15 for a bottle. Urghhhh. Anyway...

This Essie Cube has minis of 4 out of the 6 polishes from the 2011 Braziliant Summer Collection, namely Smooth Sailing, Super Bossa Nova, Meet Me at Sunset and Braziliant. Scrangie has great swatches.

As I said, the RRP is $25 and it was discounted to $5. :D This is probably coz the collection is more than a year old but I don't care haha :D The polishes are only 5mL each but I think it is still a bargain coz it comes out to be only $1.25 each. I'm so happy coz I already had the full size Essie Too Too Hot from the same collection but it wasn't one of the minis.

I went a few days ago and they still had tonnes left. I don't think the Cosmetics Fragrance Direct in Market City had any though. Anyway, I hope this helps someone bag a polish bargain!

- J


  1. Arrggh! Why does Sydney have to be so far away?! That is a bargain price for Essie.

    1. Maybe there is a Cosmetics Fragrance Direct near where you live? Yeah it is truly a bargain!